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Welcome to Creation Science Education's Home Page. Please check out the activities and competitions you can become involved in.

2021 is the 24th year that our competitions present National Science Theme from a Christian perspective. Below is a directory of links to help you find what you need to know about this year’s competitions, such as details about each of the six categories.

Students in your school, family or church are invited to participate. There are thirteen separate sections, from Pre–Year 1 to Year 12. Students may complete and send their entries at any time during Semester 1, 2021. Hopefully you are able to include the theme and the competitions in your Semester 1 curriculum this year, and to facilitate participation by your students in one or more of the categories.

Please click on the the appropriate year level for information and entry forms.

Pre-Year 1

Year 1 - 2

Year 3 - 6

Year 7 - 12