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- The Bible as the inspired Word of God, and our sole authority for doctrine and practice.
- The Trinity of the Godhead.
- The Deity and true sinless humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ.
- The personality and Deity of the Holy Spirit.
- The creation and fall of man, making him a sinner before God.
- The sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus Christ for the sin of the whole world, His bodily resurrection and ascension.
- The necessity of repentance and the new birth for salvation.
- The baptism, by immersion, of those who repent and believe the Gospel.
- The maintenance of good works and godly living by all professing Christians.
- The resurrection of the body.
- The judgment of the living and the dead by the Lord Jesus Christ.
- The eternal blessedness of the righteous (the saved) and the eternal punishment of the wicked (the lost).
- The reality and personality of Satan or the devil.
- The personal return of our Lord Jesus Christ.